11 Things Portia Simpson-Miller loves to do that ‘Jumaicons’ are growing tired of


1. The Prime Minister calls her people “Jumaicons”







2. Portia Simpson-Miller avoids watching local news.


Source - Jamaica Gleaner

Source – Jamaica Gleaner


Source www.rtvgames.com

Source www.rtvgames.com

3. She runs a lot.


Source - opm.gov.jm

Source – opm.gov.jm


We mean A LOT

Source - jamaica-gleaner.com

Source – jamaica-gleaner.com


Even at birthday parties.


Source - Jamaica Gleaner

Source – Jamaica Gleaner

Source - nicksareforkids.wordpress.com

Source – nicksareforkids.wordpress.com


4. She loves to kiss the ‘Jumaicons


Our PM will gladly receive them.


Source - petchary.wordpress.com

Source – petchary.wordpress.com


And she gives them freely


Source - glenfordsmith.com

Source – glenfordsmith.com


Please do not object to the KISS


Source - jamaicaseen.blogspot.com

Source – jamaicaseen.blogspot.com


OR this will happen






The more kisses the better – Spread some ‘Portia love’


Source - Portia Simpson-Miller's Facebook page

Source – Portia Simpson-Miller’s Facebook page


5. She loves the Poor


Source - PSM Facebook's page

Source – PSM Facebook’s page





Source - commonsenseja.wordpress.com

Source – commonsenseja.wordpress.com


Why not? 


Source jamaicantrolling.hypelifemagazine.com

Source jamaicantrolling.hypelifemagazine.com



6. The Prime Minister loves to travel. 


Whether it is representing Jamaica at the UN.

Source www.un.org

Source www.un.org


BUT to many ‘Jumaicons‘ – She should stay at Jamaica House.


Source cucumberjuice.wordpress.com

Source cucumberjuice.wordpress.com


Source diatribalist.wordpress.com

Source diatribalist.wordpress.com


7. She loves to ignore local media.


Source jamaica-gleaner.com

Source jamaica-gleaner.com


At all cost.  Is she in on the plan to avoid the media?


Source puppetlabs.com

Source puppetlabs.com


8. Portia Simpson-Miller loves to draw in Gordon House.


Source - jamaicaobserver.com

Source – jamaicaobserver.com


Source - imgfave.com

Source – imgfave.com


9. She loves to ignore delivering meaningful comments on National Issues. For example – Mario Deane. 


Instead, she forces ‘Jumaicons’ to think she is ‘working, working, working.’

Source - trackledger.com

Source – trackledger.com




Source austinally.wikia.com

Source austinally.wikia.com

10.  She loves winning General Elections. She is expected to campaign and win the 2016 and 2021 national elections. 

Now that’s People Power! 

Source - www.thestar.com

Source – www.thestar.com


Source - http://twitpic.com/eac16c/full

Source – http://twitpic.com/eac16c/full

11. Our PM loves to skip meals on the job.


Source -jamaica-gleaner.com

Source -jamaica-gleaner.com


Source - blog.killervirgo.com

Source – blog.killervirgo.com


  1. 12) She loves to trace….

  2. She loves to make people poor-er

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